Jan. 4th, 2012

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[ If getting up this morning, you thought that you might have a great day blessed with the many smiling faces of the residents of Fortuna, you were sorely, sorely mistaken. In fact, as a scowling man appears on the screen, it might occur to you to shut off your communicator before you get a wall of negativity dropped on you. ]

[ If you are one of the less fortunate few that has yet to be introduced to this one A. Kirkland, then today you will be treated to a special show, courtesy of the United Kingdom of Negative Nancys himself. ]

I don't like this place.

[ Shifting the communicator, Arthur glances behind him, then back down at the screen, still continuing to frown. ]

I've been wandering the outskirts for, God, I'm not even sure how long, and may I tell you something, dear friends? There is nothing to be found. Nothing. Bleed me if I know what attacked me the last time I went wandering, but this time, it was just a leisurely stroll on another bloody planet, that's what it was.

[ He swallows and rubs his eyes, sighing before adjusting the communicator so it is face level with him, attempting to regain an air of professionalism about him. ]

Anyway. Not what I intended to use this network for. My intentions are quite different actually; I wish to put on a play, perhaps the raise the spirits of my fellow inmates. If anyone would be interested in acting, making the sets, lighting, production or even securing a location, I would be most obliged. I have a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I'd be happy to transcribe it onto the commmunicators and send all who are interested a copy.

[ As the scowl tugs at the corners of his lips, he nods at the communicator: ] Thank you for your time, as always. [ --Before clicking it off. ]


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