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[ If nothing else, technology was not as mystical and magical to him as it was with a lot of the older European nations. This strange little device was something he was able to figure out to the point he could turn it on and use it, though what struck him about it is that it definitely wasn't a mobile. ]

[ Regardless, the screen flickers on and any and all who are looking on are treated to the image of a slightly disgruntled (but mostly just unimpressed) British gentleman staring back at them. ]

This is the sort of rubbish I'd expect of America. [ Motioning to the screen. ] Poor layout, small keyboard, difficult learning curve. I suppose I should be gracious I'm intelligent enough to operate this horribly engineered piece of technology.

[ The setting about him is moving, and it's clear that he's wandering, staring away from the camera every so often, distracted by the unfamiliar settings about him. ]

And whoever constructed the various complexes around me were obviously also slightly incompetent in some way. My God, this place is in shambles. I don't understand how people live like thi-- [ And then he stops, now staring straight up at the sky, seemingly disturbed by something. A hand reaches up to rub at his eyes, and then he blinks, squinting, then pulls back. ]

What in Heavens name have I been drinking, and good God where can I get more? [ The viewscreen flips, displaying a clear image of the night sky. Perhaps to any other resident of this world or even for people trapped here against their will for a while the image would appear normal, but in England's mind, two moons is not his idea of a normal October night. ]

Well. [ The screen whirls again, and he turns it back to himself. ] Assuming anyone is there watching this, some sort of official or gracious, I don't even know what, I would honestly appreciate some answers. Perhaps, if you are listening, you would even be kind enough to reveal to me where I am exactly. [ And then, bitterly. ] Unless this is just some kind of terribly elaborate recording device, and if that's the case, I'm going to feel very silly.

[ He sighs, and with that, the connection is terminated. ]
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